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Muslim NGOs Criticize ‘Racist’ Study on Muslim Students in Austria

Muslim associations in Austria criticized research conducted among Muslim students by the University of Vienna over alleged racism.

The study, entitled “Effects of Islamic Religious Education in Austria” surveyed 2,000 Muslim students, but Muslim Youth Austria (MJO) is highly critical of its “racist nature,” claiming that the study has a tendentious structure that seems to have pre-fabricated results.

The young people involved would report a “feeling of unease and incomprehension” about the fact that only Muslim students had to take part in the survey, a statement from the MJO told the Austrian news agency APA.

The MJO said that the young people were removed from regular classes and subjected to external supervision, including having to answer questions such as “It’s disgusting when homosexuals kiss,” and to decide who would go to hell.

“The sight of disabled people bothers me” is another statement to be evaluated. Another one is “When women wear miniskirts or revealing clothing in public, they signal sexual will.”

The study is led by Austrian-Turkish professor of Islamic religious education Ednan Aslan. The professor had already been sharply criticized for the so-called “Islam map” and a controversial kindergarten study in Austria.

The MJO, together with the Austrian NGOs Initiative Discrimination-Free Education (IDB), and ZARA (Civil Courage and Work Against Racism) demanded an immediate termination of the study.

In addition, the organizations sought clarifications from the rector of the University of Vienna, Sebastian Schutze; and the Austrian Minister of Education, Martin Polaschek.

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