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Austria Eurovision Act: Viewers React to ‘Amazing’ Performance

Austrian duo Teya & Salena opened up the Eurovision 2023 contest, with fans not being able to get enough of their “amazing” performance.

The first of the 26 acts to perform, ‘Who The Hell is Edgar?’ delighted the crowds in person and those watching at home.

One person tweeted: “I love women!! austrias song has grown on me since last time it’s a bop #Eurovision”.

Another posted: “I hope these two have an album. I’m in! #Austria #Eurovision #Eurovision2023″

Meanwhile, another user shared: “As expected, Austria were amazing and camp. Massive bi vibes.”

Not everyone was a fan though, as one person tweeted: “Austria: under-produced, low energy #Eurovision”.

What is the meaning behind Austria’s Eurovision entry Who The Hell Is Edgar?

While much of the entry references Raven author Edgar Allan Poe, the song actually has a much deeper meaning behind its catchy lyrics.

According to the Eurovision website, the song is actually about their experience as women in the music industry.

It also draws attention to how women are often not credited for their hard work and expertise in the field.

Who are Teya & Salena?

Teya & Salena specifically joined forces with the single aim of winning Eurovision after meeting during the Austrian talent show Starmania 21.

However, both artists are no strangers to Eurovision with Selena coming second in Austria’s 2019 selection process and Teya having a similar experience in 2020.

The Eurovision website adds: “Both artists have come close to Eurovision stardom before: Salena came second in Austria’s 2019 pre-selection, where PÆNDA beat her to the draw; and Teya had a similar experience, losing out to Vincent Bueno in 2020.

“However, the girls can lay those ghosts to rest if they deliver Austria’s first qualification from the Eurovision Semi-Finals since Cesár Sampson in 2018.”

Source : Guardian



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