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Worldwide IKEA Premiere For Emission-Free Delivery – IKEA Austria Introduces Hydrogen Powered Delivery Vehicles

Worldwide IKEA premiere for emission-free delivery – IKEA Austria introduces hydrogen powered delivery vehicles.

For two years, IKEA Austria has been supplying most of its customers in urban areas electrically and therefore emission-free. From now on, IKEA Austria is expanding its emission-free delivery with hydrogen-powered vehicles, taking a further step towards making all deliveries throughout Austria emission-free by 2025. Austria is the first IKEA store in the world to use hydrogen trucks.

The emission of greenhouse gases along supply chains is a problem with serious impacts on the climate – which is why IKEA Austria is taking further measures to be able to carry out all deliveries emission-free by 2025. 

Alpaslan Deliloglu, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA Austria said:

By introducing the hydrogen trucks – as the first IKEA store in the world – we have taken a big step in implementing environmentally friendly processes in Austria. 

“As a pioneer in the area of ​​sustainable logistics, we would like to show that a transformation to an emission-free delivery system is already possible today.”

While IKEA Austria has been supplying its customers in urban areas with EV (Electric Vehicle) trucks for two years, the range of emission-free delivery will be expanded with the introduction of the hydrogen trucks, which are now on Austria’s roads. 

Melanie Eltzner, Customer Fulfillment Manager at IKEA Austria said:

Our EV trucks are perfect for carrying out multi-stop routes in urban areas. 

“Since we also want to supply customers in more remote areas of Austria with zero emissions, we had to find a solution with vehicles that provide a longer range: This is exactly what hydrogen fuel cell technology offers. And that without having to compromise on the payload weight.”

Long-range trucks with hydrogen as energy storage 

The vehicles used are trucks that have been converted to hydrogen fuel cell technology in collaboration with the German zero-emissions solution provider Quantron AG. Quantron offers IKEA compact trucks that are perfect for urban traffic, but also ideal for longer journeys – the hydrogen trucks impress with a range of almost 400 kilometers per tank of fuel.

Andreas Haller , founder and CEO of Quantron AG said:

We are pleased that our long-standing collaboration with IKEA is reaching a new level with the introduction of a new generation of innovative QUANTRON products. 

“The QLI FCEV is the first H2 vehicle in the fuel cell commercial vehicle segment up to 7.5 t in Europe and the market leader in fuel cell technology in this class. Since August 2021, we have been accompanying IKEA Austria on its mission of decarbonization. IKEA Austria has 45 QLI BEV trucks in use in the greater Vienna area and a further 11 in other Austrian cities.”

Refueling with green hydrogen 

The chemical reaction of hydrogen (H2) with oxygen (O2) is called “cold combustion”. This reaction creates pollutant-free energy in the form of electricity, heat and water. To operate the vehicles, IKEA Austria relies on hydrogen that is produced in a climate-friendly way – for example via hydropower, wind or solar energy – the so-called “green” hydrogen. 

The trucks are refueled with green hydrogen at special hydrogen filling stations. IKEA in Austria supports Wien Energie as a strategic partner – the energy supplier operates the first hydrogen filling station for heavy-duty vehicles in the greater Vienna area. 

Linda Kirchberger , Head of Decarbonization and New Technologies at Wien Energie said:

Hydrogen has a lot of potential in heavy-duty transport and is therefore a key element for the climate change. 

“It is crucial that the hydrogen is produced from renewable sources. This is exactly what we are currently working on with the construction of our first electrolysis plant. We will also soon be putting another H2 filling station into operation. We are pleased that we can accompany IKEA Austria with our hydrogen infrastructure on its path to emission-free delivery.”

Emission-free delivery throughout Austria until 2025 – support from the Climate Protection Ministry (BMK)

IKEA is already saving around 450 tons of CO2 per year by using its EV trucks in urban areas. The widespread use of emission-free transport technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell technology is expected to save a further 1,500 tonnes of CO2 annually. For its transformation to an emission-free delivery system, IKEA will receive almost 4.8 million euros in funding for 40 hydrogen vehicles as part of the “ENIN – Emission-free Commercial Vehicles and Infrastructure” funding program launched by the BMK. 

Leonore Gewessler, Climate Protection Minister also acknowledges this:

An important lever for climate protection lies in the energy transition in transport: with the introduction of emission-free vehicles, IKEA Austria is making an important contribution to the mobility transition in the logistics sector and to climate protection.

With the introduction of the hydrogen-powered delivery fleet, IKEA Austria is not only taking another big step towards making 100 percent of its deliveries emission-free by 2025, but is also setting a good example to show the benefits of hydrogen in the transport and logistics sector and other companies in particular in logistics – to inspire people to do the same.

Source : Hydrogen Central



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