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Why Russian army so formidable

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, NATO forces have gradually drawn nearer to the borders of Russia in direct contradiction to the promises the Americans made to Michael Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin at the fall of the Soviet Union. Because of these promises made, the Russians agreed to the unification of Germany and the fall of the Berlin wall. But nothing was written as a formal treaty as there was so much good-will on both sides at the time. Why spoil the fun?

These promises made to Russia have been broken multiple times and totally ignored, to the great consternation of Russia and its military. NATO with its ballistic atomic weapons and other military hardware has been drawing ever closer to Russian borders as more and more Eastern European states joined NATO and the European Union. They all wanted access to the ever-increasing European market.

President Putin has spoken out several times about the consequences of this encroachment on the Russian sphere of influence. He has warned the west several times that having US weapons parked outside Russia’s front door was not acceptable, but no-one listened. As a result of disregarding the US-USSR promises made, the Russian leadership, suspecting the worst from the American leadership due to its appalling past track record elsewhere over recent years, have polished up and perfected some awesome new weapons in preparation for the worst.

Russia has manufactured and developed its own military equipment to a high level, including aircraft which have been sold to friendly allies all around the world. Russia has the manpower, skills and knowledge to make its own machinery and weapons. They have designed and built their own drones, but clearly supplies from Iran made a welcome addition. It can be noted that Russia built and improved on the weapons, workshops and industrial production facilities it inherited from the old Soviet Union.

Past experiences, of man’s thuggery to man, horrible as they are, taught that Russia could face renewed targeting and thuggery at any time and another attempt could and would be made to destroy Russia (The Russian Federation) and confiscate (rob) the natural wealth.

Russia has vast deposits of coal, oil and gas reserves. It is energy rich, which all strong economies around the world need to develop and grow. It also has deposits of useful engineering metals, and has its own rare earth minerals. It has been exploiting these mineral wealth, and has now developed a very fine network of railways and pipelines, all to supply customers. Now these are valuable industrial assets.

The old Soviet Union with its communism strongly believed in education and especially science and engineering. Now, Russia has many well-educated scientists and engineers who are competent, diligent and hard working. Many scientists employed by the 46th CRDI of the Ministry of Defence are developing newer and faster weapons to counter possible incoming threats.

As soon as Mr. Putin became president in 1999, he set in motion programmes of improvements and developments in all aspects of Russia’s military equipment. He could see the clouds on the horizon and wanted to prepare.


It was Britain that first developed ideas of applying mathematics to solve problems by using mathematical techniques called ‘Operational Research’ (OR). This uses mathematics to describe a situation or problem and then find optimal solutions. For example, Linear Programming was used to find and develop optimal (minimal) levels of cost in transportation problems.

Russia, or its highly educated, top engineers, saw the potential of using unified modern instrumentation, lasers, electronic gyroscopes, communications, etc., to make their weapons more coordinated and efficient. The military use of this special mathematics, Operational Research to regulate and control electronics, radar, laser sensing, satellite positioning GLONASS (= GPS), trajectory calculations, smart munitions, laser guided weapons, all unified into an information and control network, being able to receive and transmit information to many others is a reality. This forms a powerful battlefield information and control network. This networking made targeting and target solutions so much more accurate, and successful.

Application of networking

The Russian tank T-90M Proryv, (Say: Pro-riv) is fitted with all the most advanced sensing, processing and transmitting equipment. It is bristling with sensors and can be regarded as a mobile receiving and transmitting station. These electronic systems are all integrated and communicate with other weapons, tanks etc., and are regulated by a Battle Management System called KALINA. When many machines are operating in the field and all equipped with the same electronics using KALINA, this forms a network enabling all the machines on the battlefield to all work together, sending and receiving information for the machine commanders to use. Each machine can be considered a node which communicates with other nodes in the form of other tanks, drones, howitzers (guns) and rocket launchers in the war zone. They share information with each other and also the field controllers. This forms a powerful network of battlefield equipment all communication and sharing information. In theory, according to Metcalf’s Law, the total number of nodes can be squared to give the theoretical power of the whole system. All this is made possible by the application of modern electronics and sensing devices applied to Russian armor. It is more advanced than US equipment. This makes modern warfare more lethal, more accurate, cheaper, and effective. It also means that, without a well-equipped opposition, Russian equipment is unstoppable in the field.


A T90M PRORYV tank can fire a tungsten carbide shell (or round), up to 5 Kms and in one shot, hit precisely the target to within a few centimeters of the target, while the human eye cannot even see the target. Not only that, its instrumentation allows it to also do that on the move. It is all done thanks to electronic gyroscopes and laser targeting.

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