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Ski Austria in a New Design

With the launch of the Ski Austria brand, a new era begins in the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV). So far, various brands and logos (ÖSV, Ski Austria, Austria Ski Team, etc.) have been used.

From now on, the ÖSV presents itself with a uniform appearance and thus offers the long-standing partners (sponsors, associations, clubs, members) communicative possibilities at the cutting edge. In addition, the ÖSV will also be able to be experienced by the public with a new sporting and economic model.

“We are creating a new, young, contemporary and, above all, value-based identity for Ski Austria.”

ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober

The Austrian Ski Association is taking a courageous and self-confident path. The path of an association with foresight, which sees itself as a pioneer and knows that tomorrow only those will be successful who do not rest on their laurels in the past, but face the challenges of the present and the future.

Dynamic, value-based and young

“Building on the remarkable legacy and history of the Austrian Ski Association, founded in 1905, we are taking the opportunity to create a new, contemporary and, above all, value-based identity for Ski Austria, which – in addition to the sporting successes of our athletes – will secure the future of the association should”, explains ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober and adds: “We are happy about this courageous and self-confident step and the common path, with a clear focus on the future and we would also like to thank our ÖSV employees: inside, who support this process. “

“The economic success of the ÖSV is the foundation for high-performance sport. The clear positioning and a clear commitment to values ​​such as sustainability, belonging, reliability, but also our social responsibility for skiing and snowboarding will strengthen the cooperation with our partners and sponsors and bind them more closely to the ÖSV and the Ski Austria brand , which in turn secures high-performance sport in the long term – thus a self-reinforcing cycle,” explains ÖSV General Secretary Christian Scherer .

The core of the new brand orientation is a “modern, contemporary and innovative logo that combines the central contents of the association, stands for all disciplines and popular sports and not only fits into the analogue but also perfectly into the digital world,” says Christiane Gasser, Head of Marketing & Communication : “Through the clear brand management, well-known and new brand experiences at all Ski Austria touchpoints – from home World Cup events, to Bergisel and the Ski Austria Academy – we also want to promote the brand outside of high-performance sports, in popular sports and especially at young target groups.”

Ski crazy and professional

The new Ski Austria brand generates power and excitement because it combines two poles: “ski crazy” and “professional”. Skiverrückt stands for thinking about content like never before, for ski and snowboard sports to drop everything and for emotion that never goes away. Professional combines topics such as top performance at all levels, respectful interaction with each other, towards nature and a clear attitude towards social responsibility.

The Ski Austria logo is called Acon : a name that came from combining the word Icon with the Austria-A. The Ski Austria Acon is derived from the cornerstones of the brand and combines central content of the association.

The nine bars of the acon are arranged into an A, which stands for Austria. Nine crossing tracks in the snow as a sign of encounter, community and team spirit. The nine bars are also an image of the diversity of all disciplines. The Acon is also a summit: a symbol of the highest excellence that Ski Austria strives for with its athletes, coaches, supervisors and employees.

Each of the nine bars in the Ski Austria Acon also stands for one of the nine Austrian state ski associations. Together they are Ski Austria, together they are the basis for success.

The sublogos

The sub-logo of each discipline contains at least one bar from the Ski Austria Acon – and vice versa: at least one bar from each sub-logo of a Ski Austria discipline is also contained in the Acon.

The 16 sub-logos from the Ski Austria Acon. Photo:

Source : Ski Racing



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