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Poland is a Key Player in Global Chocolate Candy Market

As the newspaper pointed out, in terms of export volume, Poland (295,000 tonnes) ranks third in the European Union, with a 12 percent share of the total result. It is ahead of Belgium (277,000 tonnes) and slightly behind the Netherlands (322,000 tonnes). Germany, however, remains the undisputed leader (680,000 tonnes).

At the same time, Puls Biznesu cited Maciej Herman, head of the Polish chocolate giant Lotte Wedel Group, according to whom the increase in the value of the chocolate product market is rather unavoidable.

“High inflation is increasingly affecting Polish consumers, which is also reflected in the chocolate confectionery market,” he said. “The forecasts are moderately optimistic. The average consumption of chocolate in our country is expected to increase by roughly 10 percent in five years, from 5.8 to 6.4 kg per person.”

The increase in cocoa prices was 60 percent year-on-year at the end of August.

“This unprecedented state may last for two years or so… two of Poland’s largest confectionery manufacturers have raised prices by about 10 percent since August, so their products could be more expensive for consumers even before Christmas,” he warned.

Source: TVP World



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