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Poland and Baltic States Ready to Isolate Belarus From Europe

Poland and the Baltic States are ready to take “serious steps” in case of “serious incidents” on the border with Belarus, Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland, said.

Any provocation on the Polish, Latvian, or Lithuanian border with Belarus will have far-reaching consequences for Lukashenko’s regime, Kamiński emphasized.

“We gave a very clear signal to Minsk. If there is a provocation, if there is a critical incident, all border crossing points between Belarus and Europe and the EU will be closed immediately. Those that are still functioning: automobile, railway, passenger, cargo. All. We will completely cut off Belarus from Europe,” the official emphasized.

Earlier, at a joint meeting of representatives of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, a decision was made to completely close the border with Belarus in the event of a “critical incident.”

The situation at the borders worsened after representatives of the Wagner Russian terrorist organization arrived in Belarus. In addition, the number of attempts to cross the state border by illegal migrants, assisted by Belarusian security forces, has increased.

Source: Ukrainian World Congress



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