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Missile Causes Major Explosion Near Airbase in Taganrog, Russia

An intense explosion has occurred in the city of Taganrog in the Russian Rostov Oblast on the afternoon of 28 July. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation claims that a Ukrainian missile has been shot down, and its fragments fell on the city.

Source: Baza Telegram news channel; Mash; Vasiliy Golubev, governor of Rostov Oblast; Russian Defence MinistryVazhnie Istorii (Important Stories)

Quote from Baza: “A huge explosion [occurred] in Taganrog. The blast wave smashed windows in nearby residential buildings.”

Quote from Golubev: “Early reports show that a missile has exploded in the centre of Taganrog, on 22 Lermontov Street, near Chehov Sad cafe. Emergency workers are on the scene. There are no fatalities. Some people are injured, ambulances are on their way.”

Details: Golubev reported that 15 people requested medical attention.

The Defence Ministry of Russia claimed that the strike was caused by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “with an S-200 anti-aircraft system converted into a strike version”, and Russian air defence intercepted the missile in the air, but the debris fell on the territory of Taganrog. As a result, several buildings were damaged.

Vazhnie Istorii noted that the place of “possible missile landing” in Taganrog is located approximately 10 km from the Taganrog Air Base. An A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft was spotted there in May. Tu-95 missile-carrying bombers are also stationed at the airfield and there are platforms for launching UAVs.

Details: The video captures thick smoke rising above the buildings.

Preliminary reports indicate the explosion occurred near Alexandrovskaya Square in the courtyard of the Russian State Bank.

The explosion caused a crater measuring five by five metres.

Preliminary information suggests that three people were injured in the explosion, sustaining shrapnel injuries.

According to Mash, eyewitnesses report two hits, one stronger and another somewhat weaker.

Shot and Mash Telegram news outlets reported that the explosion occurred near the Lazurniy water park and Chehov Sad cafe.

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