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Man Falls 300 Feet and Dies While Climbing Up The “Stairway to Heaven” in Austria

A British man tragically lost his life while attempting to climb the notorious “Stairway to Heaven” in the Dachstein Mountains, located outside of Salzburg, Austria. The incident, which occurred on September 12, marks one of the most tragic accidents in climbing history.

The individual’s identity remains unknown at this time, as he chose to embark on this adventure without seeking assistance- a common occurrence among thrill-seekers exploring uncharted territory. According to a report from the UK daily, Metro, the British tourist fell approximately 300 feet to his death from a 90-meter cliff in the “Stairway to Heaven” region.

This particular ascent is part of Dachstein’s tourist offerings and is promoted as the “Top attraction on the Zwieselalm.” It consists of a panoramic set of steps leading 40 meters up a hill, representing the final stage in a series of “Via Ferratas” climbing routes commonly found in Alpine locations. The “Stairway to Heaven” was constructed by Outdoor Leadership, in collaboration with professional climber Heli Putz, to provide climbers with breathtaking views of the Dachstein glacier and Austria’s highest mountain, Großglockner.

It is essential to note that this climb is intended for experienced climbers only. The official website of Outdoor Leadership emphasizes this point and advises climbers to attempt it only in mild weather conditions with calm winds. The climb is rated as “moderate/difficult” and is “not recommended for beginners.”

In this unfortunate incident, the man ignored safety warnings and embarked on a solo climb without the use of a harness. It is presumed that he lost his balance and slipped on one of the ladders, resulting in the fatal fall. Despite the swift response of rescue helicopters and ground teams, the climber did not survive. Authorities have ruled out negligence on the part of bridge makers or any third parties, as the climber was entirely alone at the time of the accident. The man’s identity has not been disclosed to the public as of now.

Source : Times of India



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