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Malta Favours New Technologies to Make Agricultural Sector More Sustainable

In the latest AgriFish Council meeting, held between the EU Member States’ agriculture and fisheries ministers within the Council of the European Union, Maltese Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo spoke of his belief in new technologies to promote sustainability within the local agriculture sector.

Minister Refalo said that a more sustainable agriculture sector, provided by new technologies, could support the country’s green and digital direction.

Saying that Malta supports the idea to transition towards more sustainability within the agricultural sector, Minister Refalo stated the following: “Malta strongly believes that this process should involve collaboration between researchers, policymakers, and farmers to work together and develop new agricultural practices.”

He continued to detail how this direction would promote development within Malta’s agricultural sector to make it more economically viable and resilient.

Minister Refalo reiterated that collectively, these efforts assume a primary role in leading the agrifood sector towards a more ecological and digital transformation, all while making the sector more sustainable, more resilient to climate change.

The Minister also addressed the challenges that Malta can face as an island. In this regard, he told the other foreign ministers in attendance that a particular promotion should be applied towards technologies that can be applied at a regional level. 

Source: Independent



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