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Kremlin says US private military company ‘did not play important role’ in Ukraine

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called on Thursday not to exaggerate the role of the US mercenary group Mozart in Ukraine.

Commenting on reports of “rebranding” of the group at a press briefing in Moscow, Peskov said: “I suggest not to exaggerate the importance of such a PMC (private military company). We are not aware of any significant role played by such a PMC, with this name,” he said.

Last week, Ukrainian news portal, citing Mozart’s founder Andrew Milburn, said the Mozart Group is ceasing operations in Ukraine under this name, its contractors will operate under a new one.


In January, British daily Telegraph said Mozart expects to receive a contract from the Ukrainian army for “military training.”

About remarks by former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who said Washington is interested in maintaining a strong government in Russia that would continue to control the country’s nuclear arsenal, Peskov said: “It turns out that the US has what they are interested in, they have a strong Russia, a united Russia that controls all nuclear weapons.”

Therefore, the words of former US official can be perceived “as a statement of reality,” he added.

Source : AA



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