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Kenes Rakishev turns heads as OXUS invests in a radically new area

When Kenes Rakishev launched Oxus SPAC – a special purpose acquisition company designed to acquire companies and take them public on the American stock market, analysts speculated on what exactly he would invest in. Kenes Rakishev is known for his broad interest in robotics, battery technologies, communications, and innovations. No one expected Rakishev to choose an extremely unusual sector and put effort and money into the food industry. Kenes Rakishev took the company Borealis Foods public. The company is famous for its environmentally friendly and trendy products, and for its further growth, Kenes Rakishev enlisted the world-class culinary star Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay, Borealis Foods

Borealis Foods, a company specializing in food technology innovations, responsible for popular brands like Chef Woo and Ramen Express, has announced the addition of Gordon Ramsay, a renowned Michelin-starred chef and international businessman, as a consultant and brand ambassador.

“We warmly welcome Gordon Ramsay as a strategic partner and consultant, contributing his culinary expertise, business acumen, and global recognition to help us achieve our goals,” said Reza Soltandez, the founder and CEO of Borealis. “His partnership will strengthen our mission to address the challenge of providing accessible, nutritious protein-based meals, which many people in the USA and around the world face.”

Kenes Rakishev establishes Oxus Acquisition Corp.: A new chapter for Borealis Foods

Kenes Rakishev, a successful businessman from Kazakhstan and experienced investor in high-tech startups, has founded Oxus Acquisition Corp., which made significant progress by the end of February, finalising a business consolidation agreement. The resulting merged entity will retain the name Borealis Foods Inc. It’s anticipated that after the deal’s completion, Reza Soltandez, CEO and co-founder of Borealis, along with Barthélémy Helg, Chairman and co-founder, will lead the company. The proposed deal, valued at $150 million, received approval from the boards of directors of Borealis and Oxus.

Chef Woo
Chef Woo

Gordon Ramsay commented on the partnership, stating, “In the current crisis of rising costs of living and global food price growth, the issue of food security becomes more pertinent than ever. After speaking with Reza, I realized we share a common vision about the importance of providing nutritious and delicious products that are affordable. I already have several exciting ideas, and I look forward to collaborating with the Borealis Foods team on their Chef Woo products in the coming months.”

Chef Woo Ramen: A mission of nutrition and affordability

Chef Woo Ramen, developed by Borealis Foods’ subsidiary Palmetto Gourmet Foods, was created to offer healthy, affordable, and convenient meals for those who lack access to proper nutrition. Chef Woo Ramen is the world’s first plant-based ramen noodles, providing 20 grams of complete protein per serving.

Borealis Foods Inc. is dedicated to developing highly nutritious and functional food products that are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, with a focus on addressing global food security issues. This mission aligns with Borealis Foods’ goals of making a positive impact on human life and the environment.

Partnering with Gordon Ramsay will enable Borealis Foods Inc. to reach new heights and expand production, while remaining an innovative producer of high-quality food products.

Borealis Foods and Oxus Acquisition Corp. plan to be listed as public companies on Nasdaq by the end of 2023.

Kenes Rakishev career development

kenes rakishev
Kenes Takishev
  • 1998-1999: Advisor to the Road Safety Fund under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • 2000: Manager at JSC “KazTransGas.”
  • 2000-2002: Specialist, Head of Marketing Department in the Materials and Technical Supply Department at JSC “Intergas Central Asia.”
  • 2002: Head of the Renewable Energy Department at JSC “KazTransGas.”
  • January-October 2003: First Deputy CEO for Export at LLP “Trade House KazMunayGas.”
  • 2003-2004: Deputy CEO for Marketing at JSC “KazTransGas.”
  • 2004-2005: CEO of LLP “Mercury.”
  • Since March 2005: Vice-President of the Trade and Industry Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Board of Directors of Vyborg Shipbuilding and Astrakhan Shipyard.
  • Since November 2006: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the industrial holding SAT & Company, from September 2007 to December 2019 – Chairman of the Management Board of SAT & Co (renamed to JSC “Fincraft Resources” in 2018).
  • Since November 2007: Member of the Board of Directors of JSC “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries.”
  • 2012: Member of the Presidium of the Business Association NEP “Union “Atameken.”
  • 2012: Chairman of the Presidium of the Public Association “Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan.”
  • 2013: Member of the Youth Policy Council under the President of Kazakhstan “Zhass Kenes.”
  • February 14, 2014 – March 29, 2018: Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “BTA Bank.”
  • 2014-January 2015: Independent Director of JSC “National Company “Kazakhstan Engineering.”
  • 2015-2018: Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Kazkommertsbank.”
  • Since 2019: President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation.
  • Since 2019: External Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Since February 2021: President of Fincraft Group.

Kenes Rakishev is the President of Fincraft Group (formerly Sat & Company), Net Element, a member of the Board of Directors of Fastlane Ventures, and one of the founders of Singulariteam. He is included in the “Top 50 Wealthiest Businessmen of Kazakhstan” and “Top 50 Most Influential Businessmen of Kazakhstan” lists by Forbes magazine. In Forbes’ list of the wealthiest businessmen in Kazakhstan for 2021, he holds the 9th position with a capital of 950 million dollars.

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