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Kenes Rakishev considers Spanish move to support EV industry a great idea

Spanish government announced the plan to invest $5.1 billion in electrical vehicles. The plan includes support of automotive companies that manufacture the vehicles, battery suppliers and charging stations. Kenes Rakishev considers the idea a brilliant one for a couple of reasons. Some of the reasons are technical in nature, some are purely economic one.

Kenes Rakishev considers the following technical reasons to approve the decision

Spain has amazing automotive industry. But the home brands are now under pressure and it’s hard to reach superiority without relying too much on foreign important parts. Contrary to the popular beliefs, in fact EV’s are much simpler than gasoline or diesel cars. There is no need for complex engine, transmission, exhaust systems and so on. Kenes Rakishev is well informed in the subject as he is investing in EV startups and battery technology. By making easier for Spaniards to switch to EVs Spain will in the same time support the national EV makers. It is a win-win, Rakishev states.

Spain is made for solar and EV’s as the weather is adequate and the winters are mild. It makes the investment practical.

Economic factors are also are in favour of EV. New plants will give people jobs. Spanish government hopes to add one or two percent to GDP and one hundred thousands jobs. It seems realistic, Kenes Rakishev considers.

Kenes Rakishev current opus magnus is launching the Battery Metals Technology – a company dedicated to mine battery-related metal ores in Kazakhstan. Rakishev is involved in Israeli StoreDot startup. The StoreDot batteries are rechargable in minutes, not hours.

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