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GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave Travels to Switzerland and Austria

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Dave shares some memories and experiences from his recent European trip!

Spreading your wings to experience new places and new adventures can be exciting and fun, which is exactly why I recently joined with about 3 dozen fellow travelers from our area for a trip to Europe. We visited the region of Switzerland and Austria – the first time in Europe for some.

“It’s been amazing. The mountains, the air, the atmosphere has been amazing,” says Brandon Fansler, a fellow traveler.

It’s simply exciting to see and experience things that are different than you’re used to.

“This is my kind of vending machine right here. Cheese and chocolate. That’s it,” Dave says.

And it could be a thrill to see places you know from movies in real life.

“All right Sound of Music fans, I’m in Salzburg, Austria. This happens to be the location that some of the Sound of Music was filmed. You know where the kids and Maria dance around the fountain.”

And there are homes of very influential people you know from history. I even found the home of my personal namesake, Christian Doppler.

“Also the beauty of the city, the wonderful buildings everywhere, Salzburg was built as a new German Rome so most of the buildings look very similar like the ones in Rome,” said Christine, an Austrian tour guide.

And for Americans, the ages and history involved in the experience can be moving.

Darius, another traveler, says, “In America you don’t have such old cities. In a moment we’re going to dine in a restaurant which is 1,200 years old, right? And many of the buildings here, they date back to the Roman Empire.”

“The snowcapped mountains were beautiful, the architecture, the history that’s here is just so rich for such a young country back home and the people, the people are wonderful,” says Karen Caldwell, another traveler.

Along with the old city sites and breathtaking scenery, plenty of new sounds simply added to the experience as well. From street music and festivals to the melody of a group of Swiss cows and bells, the air simply touched your senses.

All the rich culture, some illustrious history and some brand new experiences all make for some good news.

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