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Fronius Launches Solar Energy Solutions Webinars in Croatian

Austria-based photovoltaic technology provider Fronius is preparing to hold four online training courses in Croatian in November. The company will present the installation of its products such as inverters as well as system integration, storage and digital tools.

Fronius is a third-generation family business with a tradition of more than 75 years and over 5,400 employees. The company based in Wels, Austria, develops solar power solutions for homes and corporate clients alongside battery charging and welding technologies.

Its upcoming webinar series, which will be held in the Croatian language, will shed more light on topics like system integration and digital tools. Fronius built its first photovoltaic inverter in 1995. Over the years it grew to include comprehensive services and a range of devices including smart meters.

The company is driven by the vision 24 Hours of Sun – solar energy usable around the clock and independent of the season. Furthermore, Fronius said a 100% renewable energy supply is already possible with its solutions.

There are four webinars in Croatian scheduled for an audience including customers and installers from the Fronius System Partner program. If you won’t be able to make it to the webinar at the scheduled time, register anyway and receive the recording of the online event by email afterward.

November 2: Fronius Products and Solutions

The webinar will cover the entire product portfolio and the best applications. The online event will also address all the digital solutions provided by Fronius, which make working with its products easier. Registration is available here.

November 16: Fronius Sector Integration and Solutions

Everyone attending the webinar will learn everything about sector integration and how it can help reduce energy costs. Learn how you can seamlessly integrate energy-intensive devices into your PV system and maximize its utilization in the long term.

Whether it is a heat pump replacing a gas boiler, an electric car instead of one with an internal combustion engine, or an electric water heater, the company’s solutions help you sustainably electrify all energy sectors of your home.

November 24: Fronius Battery Solutions – GEN24 Plus

Meet the Fronius storage world! At the webinar, you will learn everything about storage solutions with the GEN24 Plus product series. The company’s experts will demonstrate the installation of BYD and LG’s compatible battery storage systems and explain how to implement a backup solution.

They will also demonstrate the basic backup solution with the Fronius GEN24 and PV Point.

November 24: Fronius Tauro – Cost Optimized Commercial Inverter

This webinar will be about Fronius Tauro, a commercial inverter that enables the biggest yields even under the most adverse external conditions. All technical details of the product series will be presented together with a detailed overview of the smart design, different options and system design flexibility.

Source : Balkan Green Energy News



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