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Far-right groups hang racist banner at high school in Austria

Incident occurs one day after far-right politician argued with high school student on television program

A racist banner was hung Friday by far-right groups in a high school in the 10th district in Vienna. 

The incident took place one day after politician Gottfried Waldhausl from the far-right Freedom Party of Austria argued with a high school student on a television program, which mobilized far-right groups in Austria.

They targeted the high school where most foreigners reside. Right-wingers hung the banner at the entrance of the school and left leaflets containing discriminatory and hate speech.

Justice Minister Alma Zadic, who is of Bosnia and Herzegovina origin, said the racist action is a clear indication of how quickly words turn into attacks and Austria must stand firm against it.

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner held the racist Identitarian Movement responsible for the action and said extreme rightists do not hesitate to make propaganda at the expense of scaring high school children.

Waldhausl argued with the student and said if the country’s borders were preserved 20 – 30 years ago, as predicted by the far-right, Vienna today would remain Vienna.

The student responded by saying if the country had acted as Waldhausl’s advocate, half of the students in the class the student belonged to would not be here.

Source : Anadolu Agency



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