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Drei 5G Coverage Reaches 85 Percent of the Austrian Population

Hutchison Drei Austria announced last week that its 5G service is now available in four out of five households. Drei has expanded its 5G network coverage, which currently reaches approximately 85 percent of the population throughout Austria.

Bringing 5G to Underserved Communities

Drei’s 5G coverage now extends to rural communities, including Zitternberg, Mitterreith, Obergrabern, Mariathal, Roggendorf, and Radlbrunn for the first time with its 5G Standalone network, also known as 5G Plus. These communities, where fast broadband internet was previously unavailable, will now have access to 5G in rural regions and interiors, thanks to the new low-frequency bands that Drei has deployed for its 5G network.

Drei stated, ‘With the largest investment offensive in the history of the company, we have once again significantly intensified our network expansion and are already reaching four out of five households and companies with the next 5G generation – even in previously underserved regions. With our new 5G and 5G+ data tariffs, we aim to provide customers with access to the best available technology.

Drei 5G Plus Network

Drei further announced that with 5G standalone technology (5G Plus), it improves the quality, availability, and response times of connectivity. Existing data users can immediately benefit from the upgrade with a compatible device and a suitable 5G tariff.

Drei’s 5G Standalone network was first activated in Austria in September 2022, featuring a pure 5G core network as its foundation. Drei mentioned that customers can enjoy benefits such as network slicing, applications like live TV broadcasts, tests involving autonomous vehicles, and various other possibilities.

Additionally, Drei stated that it leverages these advantages for private customers and has been providing mobile internet for homes with bandwidth guarantees through its 5G Plus fixed tariffs since its launch.

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