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Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Supports Cannabis Legalization

Belgium’s deputy prime minister has advocated the legalization of cannabis in the country, Belgian media reported on Thursday.

“We must end the hypocrisy,” Pierre-Yves Dermagne told the daily L’Avenir in an interview, as reported by the broadcaster RTBF.

“We must consider legalizing cannabis in Belgium,” he said, adding that it is no longer worthwhile to “peruse, arrest, and imprison” people involved in cannabis consumption or sales.

Dermagne also mentioned that three of Belgium’s four neighbors have either decriminalized cannabis or look forward to legalizing its consumption and sale.

“There is no point in using state resources to combat cannabis,” the deputy prime minister remarked, adding that “there are types of crimes that are far more serious and have a far greater impact on societal life.”

He added that the state should consider organizing and controlling cannabis production, as well as selling and generating income from it.

The German government took a step toward legalizing the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use.

​​​​​​​The controversial bill requires parliamentary approval to become a law, and it is expected to be discussed at the Bundestag after the summer recess.

Personal use of cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, and cultivation and consumption are also decriminalized in Luxembourg under precise circumstances.

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