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Belgian Official Invites KCCI Hubballi to Visit Flanders

Hubballi: Jayant Nadiger, trade and investment commissoner of Flanders, region of Belgium said that there are many opportunities to conduct economic activities including commerce and industry in Belgium. Interested entrepreneurs of Karnataka state should take advantage of this, he said.

Speaking to TOI after visiting the Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Hubballi on Thursday, Nadiger said all kinds of products made in Belgium’s Flanders region are of the highest quality. “It is a very high-end global market. I hope that the productions of Karnataka also reach Belgium,” he added.

The KCCI, Hubballi which is striving for the development of industries, should also visit Belgium’s Flanders with a delegation to understand the production and trade that takes place there. There are many opportunities for development in industry, production and technology in Hubballi-Dharwad and Belagavi, he opined. “We do not have any service charges for entrepreneurs in the Belgium. Marketing is an important factor in the industrial and manufacturing sector, which entrepreneurs must first realise.

Belgium has a good platform for new industry and manufacturing sector,” said Jayant, explaining that new innovations have already been made in health sector (vaccination), research, industrial development, agricultural research, aerospace and other fields. “There are a lot of opportunities in new manufacturing sector, industry and export sector. Flanders will provide all the necessary assistance and cooperation,” he said.

Source: Times Of India



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