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Austrian Federal Railways Uses 3D-printed Components on Rail Equipment

Chromatic 3D Materials has begun providing 3D-printed components to be used on rail equipment in Europe. A partnership with the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) resulted in the production of bellows, grommets, cable glands, and valve covers, according to a recent statement from Chromatic.

“At Chromatic, we take pride in the durability of our 3D-printed materials, which have undergone rigorous testing,” said Dr. Bart Engeldahl, managing director for the company that operates multiple facilities in the U.S. and Germany.

With the rapid growth in 3D printing and due to the challenge of sourcing obsoleted parts, ÖBB approached Chromatic in June 2023 with the request for custom prototypes. The final design of the components includes enhancement in performance, longevity and comfort for the railway’s fleet of locomotives, rolling stock, and train sets. The versatile thermoset polyurethane was the selected material based on durability and flexibility.

“Now that ÖBB is demonstrating the use of our 3D materials in rail applications, we expect customers with demanding transportation, aerospace, industrial and defense applications will have confidence in Chromatic’s products and printing technologies,” Engeldahl stated.

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