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Austria to Install Pilot Breath Monitor on Typhoon Fighter Jets to Provide Hypoxia Warning

Finnish company Insta has signed an agreement with the Austrian Air Force for to supply the Insta Pilot’s Breath Air Monitor (IPBAM) hypoxia early warning system for use on the country’s Eurofighter Typhoon fleet.

IPBAM is a hypoxia early warning system that reduces the risk of physiological events. Austria will be the first Eurofighter user country to install the system, following a successful test campaign.

IPBAM alerts the pilot to low oxygen or pressure conditions and gives them to react and take corrective action in good time. IPBAM is a standalone product and not dependent on aircraft interfaces.

The monitor also produces a data log of measured and calculated parameters, which can be used to study the conditions in which the dangerous situation took place and monitor long-term performance of aircraft systems. 

Anton Sturmann, of the Austrian Air Force’s Air Material Staff said: ‘The possibility to use an interpreter for the recorded oxygen data renders an aircraft-independent analysis possible, enabling a better understanding of the behaviour of the oxygen system and the human body while under extreme conditions.’

IPBAM was developed together with the Finnish Defence Forces as a strategic partner.

Austria purchased 15 Typhoon Tranche 1 aircraft In 2003, and deliveries were completed from 2007-2009. 

This fleet is expected to remain in service until 2032, although Vienna had indicated and intention to retire the aircraft earlier.

Source : Shephard News



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