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Austria Intensifies its Fight Against Anti-Semitism: New Legal Reforms and Culture of Remembrance

Austria is underlining its commitment to the fight against anti-Semitism through several important initiatives. The tragic events in Israel, in which Hamas attacked the civilian population, have underlined the urgency of these measures, the government said. Federal Minister Edtstadler expressed her deep shock at this act of terror and emphasized that such actions are in no way justifiable. She emphasized that Austria is determined to implement the promise of “Never again” and stands against all forms of anti-Semitism.

Federal Minister Karoline Edtstadler, together with Justice Minister Alma Zadić and Interior Minister Gerhard Karner, emphasized the need to combat anti-Semitism in all its forms. This decision follows the reform of the Prohibition and Symbols Act, which is part of the National Strategy against Anti-Semitism. The amendments include stricter laws aimed at firmly prosecuting and punishing anti-Semitic statements and actions. These laws are particularly important given the rising number of anti-Semitic incidents in the country.

Commemoration of the November pogroms of 1938

Remembering the dark chapters of history is another central aspect of Austria’s commitment. Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Federal President Alexander van der Bellen took part in a commemoration ceremony for the victims of the November pogroms of 1938. This event highlights the importance of remembering the past to prevent the repetition of such atrocities.

A remarkable project, the “Police under National Socialism”, was presented at the Ministry of the Interior. This project aims to come to terms with the history of the police during National Socialism and to learn from it. This project is an exemplary commitment to critically examining one’s past and promoting a culture of responsibility and respect.

In addition, Austrian Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen delivered a speech at the 85th anniversary of the November pogroms in Wels, emphasizing the country’s commitment to anti-Semitism. He recalled the 1938 massacres, which marked the beginning of the systematic extermination of Jews in Europe. Van der Bellen emphasized the importance of remembrance, mentioning the lives of three Jewish personalities from Wels, Rakhel Langman, Max Rozenzweig, and Maria Miriam Wollner. He emphasized the need to reject all forms of anti-Semitism, stating that Jews are an integral part of Austria and must feel safe.

Raising awareness and education

A key element of the strategy is awareness-raising and education, particularly in the area of police training. A special module on anti-Semitism has been implemented to promote understanding and vigilance against anti-Semitic tendencies. These efforts are crucial to promote a comprehensive culture of respect and tolerance.

Austria’s measures against anti-Semitism are a clear sign of its efforts to create a society in which peace, security, and mutual respect prevail. By combining stricter laws, educational initiatives, and a culture of remembrance, Austria is sending a strong signal against hatred and in favor of respectful coexistence. These initiatives clearly show that the country takes its historical responsibility seriously and is actively working towards a better, more inclusive future.

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