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Austria Announces MXoN Squad

The Motocross of Nations, one of the most important motocross races of the year, will take place in France from October 7th to 8th and Austria will be represented by a strong team.

The team will consist of Marcel Stauffer, Michael Kratzer, Johannes Klein and reserve driver Florian Hellrigl, all four of whom showed a strong performance in Austria this season and were faster than everyone else. Stauffer in particular was in a class of his own and was also able to achieve strong results internationally. Klein and scratch have been among the fastest Austrians for years and are already looking forward to their first MXoN participation.

Team manager will again be Hannes Kinigadner, who gives his team good chances: “There have been two strokes of fate for the Austrian motocross scene in the last two years, which also hit the MXoN team hard. Above all, of course, was the misfortune of Rene Hofer, who was able to show outstanding performances in his two participations. When he took part for the first time he was named Rookie of the Event and the following year he was even the best MX2 rider.

Another setback for the team was the serious accident of Michael Sandner, who is one of the strongest Austrian drivers, especially internationally. 

Nevertheless, we still have a good team. Stauffer in particular is having an extremely strong season this year and can certainly put in good performances. But small and scratchy people are also on the move and can do their part. The goal this year is definitely to reach the A final. Where it will end up remains to be seen. The boys are definitely highly motivated and are already looking forward to the event. Of course it would be helpful and important to see lots of Austrian fans on the track in France cheering us on!”

Source: MXVice



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