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Porr-Marti Consortium Bags £844M Contract on Brenner Base Tunnel

A consortium made up of Porr Bau, Marti and Marti Tunnel has been awarded the €959M (£844M) contract to build the 25km long Brenner Base Tunnel’s Pfons to Brenner section.

The contract for the Pfons-Brenner section, known as lot H53, was awarded to the Austrian-Swiss consortium by Brenner Base Tunnel Societas Europaea (BBT SE), which is developing the railway tunnel between Italy and Austria under the Alps.

The lot covers the construction of two single track main tunnel tubes with a total length of 25.2km, making it the largest construction lot in Austrian history. The tunnel is expected to take around six years to build.

The Porr-Marti consortium will use two tunnel boring machines (TBMs), as well as blasting, for the project. The TBMs have an excavation diameter of 10.37m, allowing them to cover up to 30m per day. In addition to the main tunnels, another 3.6km of exploratory and cross-cut tunnels are planned.

Vienna-based construction company Porr is also involved in building the approximately 600m long link between the Brenner Base Tunnel and Innsbruck’s main railway station through the Sill Gorge, with construction lot H21. Completion of the Sill Gorge section is planned for 2024.

Meanwhile, other sections of the Brenner Base Tunnel are making good progress.

Last month it was announced that the project’s the Mules 2-3 section was 91% complete.

The Mules 2-3 section is being built by BTC JV, comprising Ghella, Webuild and PAC, and includes two 14km long single track tunnels and one 14km exploratory tunnel.

Italian construction company Webuild is working on four lots of the Brenner Base Tunnel. On the Italian side, in addition to Mules 2-3, the group is working on the Isarco River Underpass alongside a supply chain that includes more than 1,000 direct suppliers working on both lots.

On the Austrian side, the group has recently been awarded Lot Gola del Sill-Pfons by BBT SE and has completed the Tulfes-Pfons lot.

Once completed, the 64km Brenner Base railway tunnel, commissioned by BBT SE, will be the longest in the world, connecting Fortezza in Italy with Innsbruck in Austria.

Source : Ground Engineering



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