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Foreign Secretary Travels to US to Reaffirm Support for Ukraine

The Foreign Secretary will travel to the United States today (Wednesday 6 December) to reaffirm both the strength of the UK’s relationship with its closest strategic ally and our unwavering support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. 

He will also discuss the Middle East, getting humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict in Gaza and how the UK and US can work towards enabling a long-term two-state solution which allows both Israelis and Palestinians to live together in peace.    

In his first visit to Washington DC as Foreign Secretary, David Cameron will discuss how the enduring partnership between the UK and US is delivering security and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic and upholding democratic values where they are threatened around the world.   

It comes as the UK will, on Wednesday, target military suppliers who are propping up Putin’s war machine through a series of sanctions. Foreign suppliers exporting equipment and parts to Russia are among dozens of individuals and groups to be sanctioned to starve Putin of the resources he needs for his illegal war in Ukraine.  

Ahead of the visit, the Foreign Secretary has announced a new winter humanitarian response package of £29 million for Ukraine and will bolster support with a further £7.75 million for humanitarian activities that will focus on the needs of the most vulnerable in Ukraine, such as women, girls, older people and people with disabilities.

Funding allocations are part of the UK’s overall £127 million of humanitarian support to Ukraine and the region in 2023 to 2024, as announced at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in June.   

The Foreign Secretary will hold an intensive round of diplomatic talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to reaffirm international cooperation and support for the Ukrainian people as they approach two years of battling Russian forces.

While in Washington, the Foreign Secretary will also meet key Congressional figures on both sides of the House.   

Foreign Secretary David Cameron said:    

The UK and the US are deeply bound by a shared mission to defend the values that provide security and prosperity for us all.   

That is why we remain unwavering in our support of Ukraine. If we allow Putin’s aggression to succeed, it will embolden those who challenge democracy and threaten our way of life. We cannot let them prevail.   

We also stand united in the Middle East, working together to ensure long-term security and stability in the region, and in responding to the challenges posed by China.  

The UK’s steadfast support for Ukraine against Russia’s aggression was highlighted by David Cameron choosing to travel to Kyiv last month for his first overseas visit as Foreign Secretary.   

The UK’s total military, humanitarian and economic support for Ukraine now amounts to £9.3 billion.  

The UK and US are equally united in promoting prosperity and security in the Indo-Pacific as they respond to the epoch-defining challenge of China, and the Foreign Secretary will discuss how the UK is strengthening national security protections, while engaging where it is consistent with the UK’s national interest.   

The Foreign Secretary’s visit also reflects the immense value the UK places on its trade relationship with the US and will build on work to deliver the Atlantic Declaration, a first-of-a kind economic partnership which was agreed by the Prime Minister and President Biden earlier this year and will see the UK and US working together more closely than ever across the full spectrum of economic, technological, commercial and trade relations. 

With the UK and US sharing a $1 trillion investment relationship, a re-energised and enhanced economic relationship presents huge opportunities for people and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic – supporting the Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy and create better paying jobs.   

During his visit to Washington, David Cameron will set out the UK’s foreign policy priorities at a live event at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday.      


  • The Foreign Secretary’s address to the Aspen Security Forum will be livestreamed
  • after the US, the UK is the second largest donor of military assistance to Ukraine, committing £4.6 billion to the country so far
  • the UK’s £29 million winter humanitarian response package for Ukraine will go towards supporting the UN and Red Cross, with roughly half of it supporting winter allocations for the UN-managed Ukraine Humanitarian Fund
  • the US trades more with the UK than any other individual country. The investment relationship is worth over a trillion dollars, and bilateral trade was worth £310 billion in the 4 quarters to the end of quarter 2 2023
  • the UK has already signed 7 individual arrangements with Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma, Washington and Florida, and is actively engaging with other states including Texas and California

Source : GOV.UK



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