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Austria Knows How To Throw A Bike Park Invitational

It’s fair to say that Europeans party harder than Americans, at least at bike events. This Austrian freeride festival was no exception. 

That’s not to say Americans don’t go hard, but come on. This is another level entirely.

From blown up wheels to wild, off the bike tricks, Elias Schw√§rzler’s Tschina Wild Invitational covered all the bases. 

It even had nearly naked dudes flying through the air, if you’re into that sort of thing.  But hey, that’s what I mean when I say Europeans just go harder. 

I can’t read German so I don’t know exactly what the bulk of the comments are saying about this jam, but the general sentiment seems to be that the people want more of this action. 

Mountain bike jump jams like this are a lost art in a way. They aren’t on the most massive wild features like Fest Series, it’s just a handful of folks throwing down on a fun mulch jump. I’d argue mountain biking needs more of this. Just a bit above average but people still going huge: that is the sweet spot.

Source : BikeMag



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